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16 February 2012 12:00 GMT / Scania in the United Kingdom

Scania/Chafer de-icers for Gatwick Airport

As part of Gatwick Airport's £8 million investment in snow fleet, the airport has taken delivery of two specialist de-icing trucks based on Scania chassis and fitted with high-pressure spraying equipment by Chafer Machinery Limited of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.  Built to a highly advanced specification and featuring a state-of-the-art GPS control system, the vehicles are capable of de-icing a snowbound runway in just 15 minutes.
"While we have previously supplied Gatwick with trailer-mounted sprayers, this order represents the first time the airpo  rt has taken truck-mounted systems from us," says Rob Starkey, Commercial Manager for Chafer Machinery Limited.  "This has come about due to the fact that Gatwick has enjoyed an extremely positive operating experience with a number of Scania vehicles it already has in service.  It was therefore a logical step forward for us to integrate the truck and a spray system into a single unit."
The Scania chassis selected for the task is a P 280 6x2*4MNA rear-steer rigid with a 280 horsepower Scania engine driving through a fully automatic Alison GA766 gearbox.  Supplied by Scania (Great Britain) Limited, Scunthorpe, the rear-steer configuration has been specified to deliver maximum manoeuvrability and help preserve tyres.
The Chafer Machinery spraying equipment comprises a 10,000-litre de-icing fluid tank linked to twin fold 24-metre booms.   The spraying operation is controlled by GPS, which activates the system within a pre-determined geo-fenced area and prevents over-spraying of areas already covered. The system also automatically adjusts its spray rate should the vehicle's speed increase or decrease to ensure an even spray pattern is maintained at all times. 

About Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is the UK’s second largest airport and the busiest single-runway airport in the world. It serves more than 200 destinations in 90 countries for around 32 million passengers a year on short- and long-haul point-to-point services. It is also a major economic driver for the South-East region, generating around 23,000 on-airport jobs and a further 13,000 jobs through related activities. The airport is 28 miles south of London with excellent public transport links, including the award winning Gatwick Express.  Gatwick Airport is owned by a group of international investment funds, of which Global Infrastructure Partners is the largest shareholder.