Sales & service network

Scania vehicles are designed and built to give you the lowest possible overall cost of operation. Which means you can be confident that your investment in a Scania vehicle will result in minimum risk, minimum cost, and maximum utilisation. To deliver that promise over the complete service life of your Scania, we have been making vast investments in our network.

More outlets. Expanded facilities. Increased staff. Longer opening hours. A wider range of support activities. We've also recently opened a new fully equipped training centre in Loughborough for our network support staff.

Regardless of how you decide to fund the vehicle over its operating life, and taking account of all operational factors, your Scania vehicle will prove to be outstandingly cost effective.

What makes us so sure? Two main factors: The quality of vehicles - their reliability, durability and economy. And the quality of operational backup - this is just as important as the vehicle. You may keep your vehicle for three, four, five or more years. The way we look after you (not just the vehicles) will determine how well the potential for low overall cost is fulfilled. It's in our interest, as well as yours, to see that we achieve the result you want.

The operational support you will need from Scania will depend on your type of business. But whatever you need, it won't be far away. Our network has undergone dramatic expansion in recent years - a trend that will continue apace for some while yet. Currently, we have well over 80 Scania outlets in the United Kingdom, part of an expanding pan-European network of more than 850 dealers that stretches beyond the UK and Eire all the way to the northern, eastern and southern extremities of the continent.

As the network itself has grown, so, too, has the range of support services. Some of these support services you will get automatically as a result of running a Scania. Others are optional. It's for you to decide what you need and how you can best make use of them to create a customised support package that is fully compatible with your needs.

And if those needs don't seem to be catered for, please do tell us what you want. Every company is different, and we're more than willing to demonstrate innovation and flexibility as well as offering the professionalism you have a right to expect.