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Terms and Conditions of Purchase: Expired 31/03/2016
Terms and Conditions of Repair and Maintenance: Expired 21/05/2014
Terms and Conditions of Service: Expired 18/05/2014
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Terms and Conditions of Purchase: Expired 28/02/2013

Scania Used Vehicle Driveline Warranty Policy 1 August 2016:

Scania Dealers supply Approved Used Vehicles with the Scania Used Vehicle Extended Driveline Warranty to first purchasers from the Dealership subject to the terms of warranty set out below.

Neither Scania (Great Britain) Limited (“SGB”) (unless it owns or controls the selling dealer or sells direct) nor Scania CV AB gives any warranty direct to the first purchaser/user as they arenot party to that sale, nor contemplate passing any benefit or liability under that contract.

Scania ‘First buyer only’ Warranty

This warranty is from the selling dealer (or SGB in the case of direct sales) and is solely for the benefit of the first buyer from that seller (‘the Customer’) and not for the benefit of any subsequent buyer/user unless previously agreed in writing by Scania or the first selling dealer. Subsequent sales of the vehicle are subject to the terms of the relevant sales contract.

Intermediaries and Finance Companies

If the Customer employs the services of a duly authorised intermediary, the sale will be registered to the Customer as principal and the vehicle registered in their name, with any benefit of this warranty. If the Customer finances the purchase through an agreed legitimate finance company (e.g. by lease, contract hire, hire purchase) the benefit of this warranty shall be available to such Customer.


The Scania Used Vehicle Extended Driveline Warranty offers extended protection against failure of a component directly attributable to a manufacturing or material defect.

This warranty is for Scania Approved Used vehicles only purchased from a Scania Authorised Dealer and must be purchased prior to the Scania vehicle going on the road to ensure continuous cover from the date of purchase. Scania records of cover shall be definitive. Scania standard conditions of sale shall apply, as modified by this warranty.

Conditions applying to any warranty claim

Subject to the Inclusions Limitations and Exclusions below, the Customer must also ensure that:-

  • the vehicle has been correctly maintained in accordance with Scania recommended maintenance schedules, for the relevant operation type.
  • the vehicle has been operated in a legal manner and with due care.
  • the vehicle has been stopped as soon as any defect has become apparent (including any warning lights) so that no further damage is caused.

In the event of a failure relating to the items covered by this warranty becoming apparent during the period of cover, the vehicle must be taken to a Scania Authorised workshop at the first opportunity, which will verify cover and carry out the necessary repairs covered by this warranty. In the event of a defect causing the vehicle to come to an involuntary stop Scania Assistance should be contacted, who will arrange for roadside assistance from the nearest Scania Authorised workshop.

Warranty Terms

This warranty is available on the following conditions:-

1. Repair obligation

During the applicable warranty period the Scania Dealer will remedy any driveline (i.e. engine and gearbox only) defect in the Scania vehicle which is a direct result of defective materials or workmanship in the design or manufacture of the vehicle and which is included in the list of Inclusions below. The Scania Dealer shall at its own cost and option carry out such repair or replacement including dismantling and re-installation as is necessary to achieve a cost effective repair commensurate with the nature of the failure and the age and mileage of the vehicle. The warranty will not be affected by the use of refurbished parts in any such repair.

2. Operators Obligation

The Customer is responsible for ensuring the vehicle has been correctly maintained in accordance with Scania recommended maintenance, for the relevant operation type. Evidence of such actions must be presented to the Scania Dealer when requested in order for this warranty to remain valid. Outline of Scania Maintenance intervals using Scania LDF3– refer to your Scania Authorised Dealer to agree specific maintenance due interval details based on operation, mileage etc

OperationMax IntervalLast ServiceService DueService DueService Due
Long haul60,000km

Note: Service due and service type must be calculated from last service

3. Duration of warranty 

The duration of this warranty shall be as selected and recorded in the warranty schedule below, or as recorded by the Scania Dealer on entering into this warranty.

4. Scania Policies

Warranty claims and payments will be processed in accordance with Scania Policies and Manuals issued from time to time.

5. Foreign Warranty Repairs

The Customer may seek warranty repairs at authorised Scania Dealers outside the UK subject to applicable laws and procedures. UK Warranty terms and rates will apply, and the Scania Dealer’s obligation shall be limited to what the necessary repair would have cost at the UK Scania Dealership.

6. Specific Exclusions

No warranty is given nor is any payment due for the following items:

a) Repairs of manufacturers components unless stated in the inclusions ;

b) Items covered by Max 24 or other Repair & Maintenance agreements;

c) any defects resulting from: road accidents; accidental or natural causes; unsuitable careless or abnormal use, overloading beyond maximum weights specified by the manufacturer; inadequate or faulty servicing (including exceeding specified service intervals or criteria, insufficient lubrication, dirt, neglect, acts or omissions of the operator or third parties, use of obsolete parts or accessories) or other similar circumstances or causes;

d) normal wear and tear (such as but not limited to, brake linings, clutch drive plates, drive belts, normal service items, wiper blades, tyres, bulbs);

e) failures due to any additions or modifications after delivery (save where expressly authorised and warranted in advance by the Scania Dealer), any broken or modified Scania or supplier seals or settings, any non-Scania or inferior quality parts; inadequate third party service fitment (including bodies or ancillary equipment) or diagnosis;

f) failures due to failure to immediately observe any cautions or warnings, failure to carry out immediate repairs (including any emergency or temporary preventative repairs), continuing to use the product after a fault is or should have been apparent, inadequate precautions in stopping and recovering a vehicle; failure to promptly notify and present the vehicle to a Scania Dealer to verify and carry out any warranty obligations.

7. Specific Inclusions – Driveline (i.e. enging and gearbox) only

The following components are covered by this warranty:-


Starter ring gear, flywheel, oil pump, crankshaft, crankshaft bearings and thrust washers, timing gears, camshafts and bearings, cam followers, oil cooler, head gasket, valves and guides (excluding burnt out valves), pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, con rods, turbocharger. Exhaust brake components (excluding seized units), core plugs, rear main oil seal, front crankshaft oil seal. In the event of the engine having been operated on bio-fuels, the manufacturer’s additional servicing recommendations must have been followed.

Cooling System

Thermostat, cooling fan clutch, intercooler, EGR cooler (where applicable), coolant radiator (excluding damaged and corroded units). The engine coolant must be in line with Scania recommendations. Cover excludes all other parts associated with the cooling system.

Fuel System

Fuel supply pumps, SCR dosing unit, EGR control cylinders and valves, injector pipes.


Clutch cover, thrust bearing (when subject to mechanical failure). Cross shaft bearings and bushes, master cylinder, servo cylinder, Electronic Clutch Actuation unit. Cover excludes burnt out parts and general wear & tear.

Manual Transmission

Gears, shafts, synchronising units, selectors & bushes, range change, gearbox oil seals. Gear selection control valves. PTO units if fitted from new or by a Scania authorised dealer. Cover excludes external linkages and adjustments.

Automatic Transmission

Gears, clutches, torque converter, valve block, oil pump, bearings and bushes. Cover excludes external signals and adjustments.

Propeller shaft

Universal joints, propeller shaft bearings, centre bearings and transfer box. Cover excludes incorrect operation.

Rear Axles

Crown wheel, pinion, planetary gears, half shafts, bearings, hub reduction gears, hub and pinion seals. Differential locks and mechanism. Cover excludes incorrect operation or adjustments.


Main control units as listed via Scania diagnostic program and subject to results from testing report.


Cylinder block, cylinder head, timing gear cover, gearbox/transfer casting, rear axle housing. Damage as a result of accident, frost or overheating due to drive-on abuse is excluded.

8. No Transfer of warranty

In the event of the vehicle being disposed of or sold to a third party during the period of cover, this warranty will not be transferred or refunded.

9. Statutory Liability

Nothing in this warranty shall exclude or limit liability for death or personal injury arising from the negligence or breach of strict statutory duty of the Scania Dealer. In the event that a sale or supply is legally categorised as a Consumer transaction the consumer rights as to quality and supply with due skill and care shall not be restricted or excluded.

10. Limitation of Liability

The terms of this warranty in association with the applicable terms of sale shall be the full extent of the Scania Dealer’s liability for any defects. The Scania Dealer shall only be liable for repairs replacements and any costs specified in this warranty, as long as the Customer has met its obligations. The Customer shall not be entitled to any further damages or compensation, in particular no claims for loss of use, loss of opportunity, loss of profit or any indirect or consequential losses. Neither Scania nor the Scania Dealer shall be liable for contingent or consequential losses however arising. The maximum liability shall in any event be limited to the purchase price of the vehicle in question.

11. Jurisdiction

This warranty is governed by English law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.