Scania OmniLink

This great connector knows no 'city limits'. When you need to bridge downtown routes with the suburbs and beyond, Scania OmniLink does the job with style.

A cost-effective, dual-purpose solution for city and suburban operations, Scania OmniLink enables you to run the same high-capacity bus on city and suburban routes with low initial cost and exceptional operating efficiency.

The flat and obstruction-free floor extends beyond the middle doors, allowing passengers to move easily at the front of the bus and sit comfortably with good visibility in the rear. The flexible floor layout makes it possible to accommodate many forward-facing seats while including seating for the elderly and infirm.

A low floor and full side kneeling promotes smooth passenger entry and exit. Safety and reliability have been further enhanced by incorporating the kneeling function in the intelligent electrical system.

The longitudinally installed engine meets your choice of Euro 5 and EEV requirements for emissions compliance, and all daily inspection points are conveniently gathered together for easy access.

Available in 12- to 15-metre versions (the longer with steered tag axle) and as 18-metre articulated, all with the same excellent manoeuvring and handling characteristics.