Marine engines

Pilot boat or SAR vessel? Fishing boat or river barge? Whatever your need, there’s a Scania marine solution ready to exceed your expectations regarding performance, reliability and operating economy. Power at work, every inch of the way.

Based on Scania’s latest engine platform, our Scania 16-litre V8 and Scania 13- and 9-litres inline engines will provide you with completely new opportunities to enhance efficiency, operating economy and environmental performance - without sacrificing power. Delivering up to 1,150 hp for patrol craft, our new generation of engines offer more power and flexibility than ever.

Get more competitive with a complete solution

Why settle with first-class engines when you can get a first-class solution? Starting out from our engine range we help you customise a complete Scania marine solution: An array of flexible options like ratings, equipment, transmissions, cooling systems and instruments, that is matched to fit your specification. Of course with proven Scania quality throughout the entire solution.