Stand-by power

Ideally, engines for stand-by power never kick into action. Or very seldom and for a limited amount of time. But when they are supposed to fire up, they must do so immediately as lives may depend on their delivering power.

Based on our latest engine platform, we offer a complete range for standby power generation which sets the standards when it comes to performance, dependability and operating economy. A power to trust, when every second counts.

Always ready for action
Scania’s engines for standby power are based on modern, robust technology and designed to function whatever the time, the place and the surrounding conditions. The unique modular concept means higher parts availability, minimized waste and easy servicing for a single technician. Which results in a minimum of downtime and low maintenance costs. 
Handling both step-load and fuel economy
Our engines are designed and developed for distinct and powerful handling of step-load situations, yet with short recovery times. High load variations are handled effectively, and despite the high power output throughout the engine range, you can count on outstanding fuel economy and excellent emission control.