Complete Skiploader

Ready-built, ready for service

Since its inception, the Scania Complete Vehicle programme has focused on meeting the demands of industry in the most efficient manner possible by providing a modularised selection of vehicles, fully built-up and ready for service from day one.

Now, by combining Scania's chassis building expertise with the advanced skiploader design of Hyva, the benefits of the Scania Complete Vehicle programme have been extended to the UK's waste management operators.

A flexible and cost-effective choice

While utilising a standardised range of componentry, the Scania Complete Vehicle programme also recognises that operators require flexibility when it comes to vehicle specification. As such, a wide choice of options is available within the range to ensure every need can be satisfied.

The result is versatile selection of premium quality skiploaders which are not only designed-for-purpose but also offer exceptional value for money.

Scania Complete Vehicles

As a range developed by Scania's team of industry experts working in close conjunction with operators and selected bodybuilding partners, the Scania Complete Vehicle programme has been designed with efficiency and productivity firmly in mind.

What's more, by delivering optimised truck and bodywork solutions, this innovative, one-stop approach to vehicle supply makes the task of specifying the ideal skiploader simpler and more convenient than ever before.