Available as Euro 5 or EEV, Scania’s 5-cylinder inline engines deliver the same advantages as the bigger Scania sixes and V8s, but in a more compact configuration. The new gas engines and the ethanol engine in this range offer EEV compliance and an even stronger environmental edge in demanding applications.

Outputs of 230, 280 and 320 hp diesel engines combined with 270 hp ethanol engine and the 270 and 305 hp gas engines, offer several economical ways to meet current emission standards, with power to spare. Running on ethanol or biogas takes sustainability to a new level, offering EEV compliance plus carbon dioxide reductions of up to 70 per cent.

Across the range, cleaner combustion is achieved through a combination of Scania EGR, advanced fuel injection and an advanced turbocharging process, and with rapid torque build-up from low revs, reaching up to 1600 Nm, acceleration is a breeze. Lower emissions and higher uptime combine to keep you running strong, for years to come.

The new 270 and 305 hp gas-fuelled engines completes the offer, forming a strong line-up ready to face the hardest environmental demands.