Scania Active Prediction

Now any driver can achieve a perfectly optimised cruise speed – even on roads never seen before, in pitch black darkness.

Save up to 3% fuel with GPS data

Scania Active Prediction is a unique advanced cruise control system that uses GPS to predict the topography of the road ahead. By adjusting the cruise speed before an ascent or descent, the system is able to save up to 3% of fuel with less than two minutes time loss in a full day’s driving.

Controls the speed depending of the topography

Ordinary cruise control tries to maintain a given speed, whether
climbing or descending a hill. This means unwanted fuel waste.
Instead, a trained driver that knows his or her route enters a climb
with some extra speed to avoid unnecessary gear changes
– and eases off the throttle shortly before the crest, using the
momentum and weight of the vehicle to build “free” speed when
going downhill.

Possible to integrate with adaptive cruise control

Scania Active Prediction mimics the techniques of a trained
driver with absolute knowledge of the route. The system function
can also be integrated with the adaptive cruise control system, always
maintaining the right distance to the vehicle in front and letting
the driver focus on traffic and the assignment ahead.